So, after the sad little fail cherries, I decided not to cook the darn things this time, and just put em in booze. In my search for the perfect boozy maraschino cherry, I found a few recipes on the interwebz for Cherry Bounce, and Boozy Cherries, and decided to conduct an experiment with the booze I had on hand.

There was some leftover Makers Mark Bourbon, a bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon that the distillery folks were kind enough to give me, and a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s rum I’d been given for dog sitting the most adorable Mastiff in the liquor cabinet, but alas, no cherries.  After a trip to the market, 3 lbs of cherries had been obtained. And the experimenting began.

Into a small canning jar went as many cherries as I could pack in, and what was left of the Makers Mark. Two half pints of cherries crammed in with all the Sailor Jerry’s Rum I could squeeze in, and were topped with 2 Tbs of sugar. One half pint received all the cherries it would hold and Breckenridge Bourbon alone, and last, I made a quart of Cherry Bounce from this recipe on Food in Jars with the last of my Breckenridge Bourbon.

I then swore not to touch the darn things until August, giving them all two months to become delicious, except for the Cherry Bounce, that is supposed to wait 4 months before imbibing…booo!